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If you fancy a complete career change or if you would like to progress within your existing profession then our Access to Aesthetics course is for you! Access to Aesthetics is completed over a 6 week learning programme, which upon completion will give you all the fundamentals required to start up your career in aesthetics. This course starts with assignments and home learning to ensure you are ready for your practical training on live models at the academy. This course is combined of both practical & theory elements. All the training and information you obtain, will give you a high underpinning knowledge for further training in Dermal Fillers & Wrinkle Relaxing injectable treatments. Personal development and assessment days for both practical & theory will take place at our training Academy. This course requires no existing relevant pre-qualification. Every element of the theory and practical modules are intensively covered in order to prepare you for the Foundation Dermal Filler & wrinkle relaxing modules you need to become an Aesthetic Practitioner. A career in aesthetics has endless possibilities to further your education, treatment portfolio & earning potential. All of our staff are highly trained, and you will also receive ongoing after care once you have completed the course. Book day 1 of your course here and we will contact you to arrange the rest.

Access to Aesthetics

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