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At Signature Training Academy, we are pleased to announce that we can now offer the use of Aqualyx and Lipolab , the ‘fat-dissolving’ injections. a very popular treatment to add to your clinics and increase your income this course can be done as a follow on from foundation injectables or as part of our access to aesthetics course for beginners who want to further there career in the aesthetics/injectables field with no previous qualifications. Deoxycholic acid is the active ingredient in the fat dissolving product. When the deoxycholic acid comes into contact with adipose (fat) cells, it causes the cell wall to breakdown, this then allows water to be drawn into the cell until it bursts. By a mechanism of secondary inflammation, the body then removes the debris, leaving behind all of the non-adipose cells, which are completely untouched by this process. On this course we offer both theory and practical with work books and live models. The practical involves preparing and treating areas with Aqualyx. These sessions are competency-based and we aim to meet every students individual learning needs. Ongoing support from our tutors is also provided on completion of this course where needed.


Fat Dissolving Injections Course

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